¿Homo Sapiens or Ogre Sapiens? gnaw hard heads


  • Franco Lotito Catino


coaching, emotional intelligence, leadership, mobbing, toxic boss


As a consequence of the terrible work environment prevailing in France Télécom, between 2008 and 2010, the company lost 49 of its workers, who, chose to commit suicide given the unhealthy work conditions they were subjected to. The main objective of this articles is to alert upper management of the need to identifying, controlling and getting rid of the so called “ogre bosses”. The second objective is to show examples of good bosses who have developed their emotional intelligence and that can do things in a very different way; i.e. It is possible to create a pleasant and friendly work environment without risking productivity and efficiency which an organization needs to be successful and compete on a national and international level. It is based on the premiss of good treatment, ethical behavior, and Corporate Social Responsibility in which good nature and fair treatment by upper management is by no means the enemy of good administration, but rather an exercise of true leadership. The methodology consisted in examination of the related literature available.


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