Verbal communication model proposal from the perspective of neurocommunication


  • Nerio Ramon Olivar Urbina Universidad Central de Venezuela



communication, neurocommunication, neurosciences, models


Purpose: to propose a model from the perspective of neurocommunication to properly manage verbal communication.

Methodology: The research was exploratory, descriptive, and explanatory; therefore, it was conducted under a qualitative approach and a documentary design.

Findings: This article describes in detail the neurocommunication model proposed, based on the most significant elements of communication, the most relevant aspects of neurocommunication, and the key details of model construction.

Implications: This model represents an effective tool for addressing, studying, and explaining verbal communication from the perspective of neurocommunication, as its theoretical and methodological foundations allow for easy identification of the five elements that interact in the process, as well as their components, structures, and interrelationships.

Value: The proposal of this theoretical model corresponds to an innovative work, which addresses a topic of great interest today, as a response to a real and precise need. It has great heuristic potential, and its implementation could lay the foundations for a novel way of conceiving verbal communication.


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Olivar Urbina, N. R. (2023). Verbal communication model proposal from the perspective of neurocommunication. RAN - Revista Academia & Negocios, 9(2), 211-232.



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