Student’s perceptions on case study method


  • Nataly Guiñez Universidad del Bio Bio
  • Edison Cornejo Universidad del Bio Bio
  • Constanza Olguín Universidad del Bio Bio
  • Paulina Ceballos Universidad del Bio Bio


Lerning, Case study, Business students, Marketing, Teaching methodology


The objective of this study is to present Bío-Bío University’s Business Science Faculty students’ perceptions on their Marketing course using case study methodology. A survey was applied to 91 students which main results showed a positive perception on the methodology used. The majority of students rated the course methodology pleasant, creative and stimulating. In addition, the students valued Case Study not only as a teaching method for a particular discipline but also as a tool that helped them discover leadership capacities, to know their peers, and to identify their own shortcomings and abilities for collaborative work.


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Guiñez, N., Cornejo, E., Olguín, C., & Ceballos, P. (2018). Student’s perceptions on case study method. RAN - Revista Academia & Negocios, 3(2), 45-54. Retrieved from



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