Hospitality businesses e-commerce: a case study of a tourist destination in Argentina


  • María Verónica Alderete
  • Mara Giagante


electronic commerce, ICT, tourist accommodation, tourism


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) laid the grounds for commercialization tools such as electronic commerce. This study examines the rate of Adoption of E-commerce (RAE) by hospitality companies in Sierra de la Ventana, a tourist destination near Buenos Aires, Argentina. An online survey was conducted to determine RAE; and Jones, Alderete y Motta (2013) and Molla y Licker (2005) methodology was applied to identify the organizational factors that promote to adoption.  Results show a high rate (53%) of adoption by hospitality businesses. E-commerce is not only restricted to buy-sale transactions, but also expands to reception of orders and booking. Results suggest that there is direct correspondence between higher rates of adoption and companies’ previous use of technologies (number of computers, intensive use of booking system), companies’ older age and awareness of ICTs’ benefits.


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Author Biographies

María Verónica Alderete

Instituto de Investigaciones Económicas y Sociales del Sur. San Andrés 800, Altos de Palihue. Bahía Blanca, ARGENTINA.

Mara Giagante

Universidad Provincial del Sudoeste. San Martín 415, Pigüé, Provincia de Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA



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