The evolution of the marketing discipline up to version 5.0


  • Fernando González-Ferriz Universidad Isabel I



marketing 5.0, new technologies, relational marketing, business strategy


Purpose: The article examines the evolution of the concept of marketing in the last decades, characterized by the intensive use of new technologies.

Methodology:  up-to-date literature review on the marketing field, as well statistical information derived from the Official Institute of Statistics (INE Instituto Nacional de Estadisticas in Spanish).

Findings: The results show that the current concept of marketing does not oppose previous trends; instead, it complements it.

Implications: The evolution of the concept has gone through a series of different stages before reaching the current 5.0 version, mainly supported on digitalization and the establishment of long-term relationships.

Value: The present analysis shows a general vision about how the discipline has adapted to the changes in the marketing landscape, both theoretically and practically.


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Author Biography

Fernando González-Ferriz, Universidad Isabel I

Fernando González-Ferriz is graduated in Business Administration and has a PhD in Business and Economics, specializing in Marketing and Internationalization. At present, he works as a postgraduate and professional training teacher. He has also been a consultant for the implementation of internationalization strategies and has worked as an export manager for several Spanish companies, starting his career as a trade officer in the Spanish Trade Commission in Hong Kong (China). His fields of investigation are international marketing strategies and the innovation in teaching methodologies.



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