Digital Marketing for Internationalization in small and medium enterprises: A review


  • Alfredo Elias Alfaro Ramos TEC de Costa Rica
  • Fabián Monge Segura Tec de Costa Rica



Digital marketing, Small and Medium Enterprises, Internationalization, ICT, Competitiveness


Purpose: Conduct a literature review on Digital Marketing in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the internationalization of companies to identify gaps in existing research.

Methodology: Research documentary type, which consists of a scientific, systematic, and objective method of searching and collecting data, 41 articles related to Digital Marketing, SMEs, internationalization, obstacles, and alternatives to adopting an internationalization approach were reviewed.

Results: The articles reviewed came from various countries, such as Colombia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Indonesia, Sweden, Italy, Bangladesh, India, among others. Digital Marketing, driven by Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), can be carried out anywhere in the world at any time, which represents an advantage to transform business models and achieve the internationalization of SMEs.

Implications: A gap in the literature was identified in relation to the lack of longitudinal studies in specific sectors that include SMEs in their dynamic and competitive environment.

Value: The article offers an exhaustive review of the literature about digital marketing, ICT, internationalization, SMEs, and contributes to strengthening the knowledge of professionals, businessmen and students who are interested in the topics, to carry out future research.


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Author Biography

Fabián Monge Segura, Tec de Costa Rica

He is a student of the Tec de Costa Rica in the Business Administration career



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Alfaro Ramos, A. E., & Monge Segura, F. (2024). Digital Marketing for Internationalization in small and medium enterprises: A review. RAN - Revista Academia & Negocios, 10(2), 280-294.



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