Proposal of a brand personality scale for the Chilean supermarket industry


  • Manuel Escobar-Farfan Universidad de Santiago
  • Jocelyn Salas Calfucura Universidad de Santiago
  • Macarena Galvez Lorca Universidad de Santiago
  • Camila Miranda Vivanco Universidad de Santiago



brand personality, supermarket, brand, personality dimensions, traits personality


Purpose: This article aims to identify and propose a brand personality scale in the supermarket industry in Chile using the Aaker brand personality model.

Methodology: Literature was used to create scales. Specifically, at their stages 1 and 2, first a content analysis was carried out, and later a quantitative and qualitative exploratory analysis through surveys and interviews respectively.

Results: A scale consisting of four dimensions is proposed: emotionality, familiarity, rudeness, and sincerity. These dimensions resulted from the adaptability of Aaker's original model but applied to the Chilean industry context. Statistically non significant personality traits were eliminated.

Implications: Contributes to the academic literature by studying the supermarket industry in Chile.

Limitations: The study is carried out mainly in the Metropolitan region, even though 31.75% of the sample comes from regions. Only the exploratory analysis is carried out.

Originality/value: This is the first scale proposed to measure personality traits in the supermarket industry. This scale provides value to supermarkets since they could identify which traits their customers identify and empower them to increase their market share.


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Escobar-Farfan, M., Salas Calfucura, J. ., Galvez Lorca, M., & Miranda Vivanco, C. (2022). Proposal of a brand personality scale for the Chilean supermarket industry. RAN - Revista Academia & Negocios, 8(1), 23-42.



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