A systematic review of Political Skill research with bibliometric indicators


  • Rony Castillo Alarcón Universidad de Chile
  • Marcelo Cabrera Reyes Universidad Nacional Andres Bello
  • Cristian Cisterna Aravena Universitat de Barcelona




Political skill, Bibliometrics, Literature review, Web of Science


Purpose: To provide an informative overview of political skill research production, competence with the potential to refine social influence and generate business networks.

Design/methodology: Systematic literature review with bibliometric techniques of publications in political skill in Web of Science (WoS), from 1975 to date. 

Results: The most significant authors, publications, articles and journals in political skill are exposed, providing an understanding of their production as a resource for social effectiveness.

Implications: To highlight in the business world the value coming from research on political skill to promote the development of competencies in commercial representatives of companies, a more robust relationship with customers and a better understanding of the competitive scenario.

Originality: To contribute in an unprecedented way with a guide that summarizes and orients with respect to research in political skill and encourages the incorporation of this resource for the future performance of firms.


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How to Cite

Castillo Alarcón, R., Cabrera Reyes, M., & Cisterna Aravena, C. (2023). A systematic review of Political Skill research with bibliometric indicators. RAN - Revista Academia & Negocios, 10(1), 105-120. https://doi.org/10.29393/RAN10-7RSRC30007



Literature Review

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