Motivational Interviewing and Oral Heath: what the evidence says


  • Beatriz Carriconde Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre - RS, Brazil
  • Daniel Demetrio Faustino Silva Community Health Service of Grupo Hospitalar Conceição (GHC), Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil


Palabras clave:

Oral health


Motivational Interviewing is an approach to health that is almost the opposite of the traditional format applied by different health care professionals. In oral health, in particular, in which behavior is so decisive in the successful treatment of the most prevalent diseases, breaking the dominance of prescriptive, judgmental and counselling-based practices is paramount. We cannot restrict the advancement of current knowledge to the microbiological and technical levels of clinical practice; discussions must be extended to include how to promote healthcare and unsettle professionals secure in their authoritarian and hierarchical approach, paving the way for a line of thought that considers the
relationships we establish with our patients.


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Carriconde B, Faustino Silva DD. Motivational Interviewing and Oral Heath: what the evidence says. J Oral Res [Internet]. 4 de julio de 2019 [citado 19 de julio de 2024];6(7):172-3. Disponible en:




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